• Tom Woods D2 Rear Double Cardan Drive Shaft

Tom Woods

Tom Woods D2 Rear Double Cardan Drive Shaft

Tom Wood's offers a variety of drive shafts for the Land Rover applications ranging through the conventional two joint drive shaft, the conventional double cardan and a multiple double cardan drive shaft. If you have no lift on the vehicle, you are probably best served with the stock type drive shaft. If you have a lift on the vehicle you may want to consider a different design like this double cardan. With vehicles in the near 3" lift range, we suggest converting to the conventional double cardan drive shaft. The Land Rover drive shafts TW manufactures uses “Gold Seal” 1310 series universal joints. The 1310 series is the most common universal joint in the world used in many Ford, GM, Jeep & Dodge applications. It is very similar in size and strength to the factory original Land Rover universal joint. With a Tom Wood's drive shaft, you should never have a problem finding a replacement universal joint if it is ever needed. *Please note that this will not fit with an existing Rotoflex Unit. You will need to also purchase an STC4858 kit to upgrade the rear flange to fit this 4-bolt setup*

Part Number: TWDC-D2R

$ 388.00


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