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  • Gap Diagnostic IIDTool for Defender - 2007 onwards.

Gap Diagnostic

Gap Diagnostic IIDTool for Defender - 2007 onwards.

Integrated Interface Diagnostics Tool Self contained diagnostic system requiring no extra cables or devices. Fast and easy to use, Simply plugs into your standard OBD port, operate using your cruise control buttons and dashboard display. Fault reading and clearing. Locked to 1 VIN as standard, further unlocks available if required. Many systems covered including ABS, airbags, audio, BCM, engine, Hevan, instrument pack, LCM, nav, steering angle, TPMS, transfer case and transmission. Original ECU settings backed up in an internal memory and available when required. 3 additional memory slots available to save your favourite settings. USB port - download future updates as they become available. Includes all EASControl functions too fits Defender - 2007 onwards.

Part Number: II BT

$ 512.00


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