Prototype coils on an LR3

Posted: May 31 2017


As much as I love the air suspension on the 3rd Gen trucks I can't turn a blind eye to the demand and simplicity of the coil conversion. Working diligently with a few vendors we think we've come up with a solid solution to give these trucks a 3 inch coil lift. 

The truck is sitting a little bit taller in the rear to accommodate extra weight. The tires on the truck in the picture are 33 x 12 50. They're about as large as you're going to fit with some minor trimming.  I think just like the Proud Rhino lift rods 32s are going to be spot on if you don't want to trim. 



Just to show off how tommy tuff nuts we are I dove the truck up on some stone piles. 




Let me know what you guys think. 




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  • Posted by Justin Franklin on February 05, 2018

    Very excited to hear any new news on the release and price point on these prototype coils. Im sure there are a lot of people running lift rods that are considering doing the coil conversion but dont want to loose the ground clearance stepping down to the standard 2inch coil lift. Keep up the great work guys!

  • Posted by Greg Ford on August 20, 2017

    Love it. Just let me know when I can order up one. Please offer a HD version that can handle the weight of an LR3 with a full overland load, RTT and all. Let’s do this!

  • Posted by Philip Johnson on July 20, 2017

    Love it!!! My air ride is days away from its demise…praying that it can hold out until you make this conversion lift available.

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